5 Ways to protect your home and your pocket

Collaborative Guest Post

A house is the building we create our home inside of, and sometimes a house can disrupt our home. Small accidents and home emergencies can have big financial repercussions for any family, as well as coming with inconveniences like no hot water or electricity. There are steps we can take to protect our home from these disasters, and make sure they don’t leave a hole in our pocket. Here are five ideas you can use to save yourself money and worry.

Get the Right Home Insurance Cover

Many people don’t have the right home insurance cover or no cover at all. Some insurance may be included with a mortgage or rental agreement, but this will often not have enough cover for your contents or valuables, or for unpredictable but inevitable problems like boiler repairs and burst pipes. It is worth checking any cover you have and seeing if it offers you enough protection.

Get Some Boiler Cover

Getting separate boiler cover for boiler repairs is becoming increasingly popular. It gives great peace of mind to know that in an emergency, the details of the boiler repair become someone else’s problem and you can concentrate on keeping warm and tending to family members. If you want to ensure you’re covered against multiple home emergencies, the company Certi offer packages that also insure your pipes and drains and all kinds of home emergencies as well as boiler maintenance. This type of package is highly recommended as you know your home will e fully protected.

Consider Insuring Specific Valuables

Some general home and contents insurance will not be enough to cover some of your most precious valuables. It is worth looking for specific insurance for these kinds of items. There are policies that are aimed at high-tech equipment, for example, that you can use to protect your computers and smartphones from theft or damage. Claiming for these on your standard home insurance can push your premiums up or come at a higher excess charge than is reasonable.

Install Home Security

Having your own CCTV system or home alarm is easier and cheaper than you may at first think. Thanks to advancements in technology and home wireless networks, it is possible to install a high-quality system yourself without wires covering the house. Modern systems even integrate your smartphone with an app allowing you to check on your home from anywhere in the world. This feature is very popular with the parents of teenagers.

Take Some Precautions for Emergencies

Having a box or bag with some emergency supplies kept in a handy spot may seem like you’re being overly cautious, but you won’t think that when you need it. It doesn’t have to contain emergency rations and bottles of water unless you want it to, but having a first aid kit and some candles or torches for home emergencies isn’t a bad idea. You could even add a USB power pack to charge phones.

Taking some precautions to protect you from home emergencies and the cost of boiler maintenance can save you money and stress at difficult times, so don’t let a natural disaster become a financial one.