Win Tickets to Crufts 2012!

The Kennel Club have kindly sent me two pairs of tickets to Crufts 2012 to give away! Crufts takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on 8th – 11th March. The tickets will enable you and a friend to visit the show on your chosen day,  and remember that accompanied under 8’s go free!

To enter to win a pair of tickets please tell me in a comment below which class at Crufts you’d most like to see and why?

Please remember to leave either your twitter name and/or email address so I can contact you if you win! 

Competition Closes at 9am 22nd February 2012

Terms and Conditions:

I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that winners do not reply within 72hours 
Winners will be selected using random.org 

There will be two winners, each will win one pair of tickets to attend Crufts on their chosen day. N.B tickets are NOT valid for Best in Show.
Only one entry per person. 

Only entrants who complete all required entry steps will be eligible to win.

Only one prize per household. 

Winners will be required to provide their postal address in order to be sent their prize.


  • v82chris

    Oh wow – Im dying to go this year x I’d love to see the Working and Pastoral catagory as we have Spaniels in our family and love to see them in the show x Such beautiful breeds x

    Fingers crossed so tight this year x

    @v82chris x

  • ruby.spaniel

    I would love to go on Gundog Day and see the Cocker Spaniel minor puppy class at Crufts…I have 3 cockers of my own who are all ‘veterans’ by Crufts standards aged 9; 10 and 12 years. They’re a great breed and seeing all the entries is a day well spent.


  • Trish

    I’d love the Terrier and Hound Day – terriers and hounds are reputed to be harder to train but the results are so rewarding and entertaining.

    I suppose they are also our favourites from family experiences. My grandma had an Airdale called Tatters who used to take me for a walk or run as the mood took him – I didn’t dare argue. He was called Tatters for a reason – he could shake a cushion to ribbons. Strangely he like sinking his teeth into bars of soap whilst glaring at you so we always hid soap!

    Our West Highland Terrier – more mildly named Duncan – shredded our mortgage papers and wee’d as he rang ran in circles if he hadn’t seen us for more than an hour. We thought about nappies.

    We’re getting better at training but could do with more tips and demonstrations.

    Twitter @pjo77

  • Emma Armitage

    I would love my parents to come and see the Good Citizens Dog Scheme Silver Display which me and my Rescue Rottweiler Bella are part of on the Sunday 11th March 2012 – she has come a long way from the stray dog that no-one collected from Manchester Dogs Home to a wonderful pet, agility dog, flyball dog and obedeince dog – I would like to share this honour and experience with my mum and dad!

    It would be a lovely surprise for them to attend.

    Fingers and paws crossed we will see them there if we win the tickets!

    Twitter: @my2rottweilers

  • crazygoat

    Would love to go, I have Airdale, so would like to see the working dog section..not that mine does much work..i also love the displays they put on with the dogs now..gosh you would be barking mad not to want to go!!
    have tweeted as @crazydog89..

  • scrumpy

    I would love to see the agility – so much speed, dexterity and enthusiasm with both dogs and handlers having so much fun

  • saurus

    Gundogs – we have a GSP called Lola and our beautiful Weimaraner died last year. Just love all gundogs such beautiful, graceful looking dogs.

  • torz

    I can not answer that question in total honesty! I have wanted to go to crufts for years and if I got to go i would be just as excited to see any types of dogs. I LOVE them all. I have always been an animal person and dogs are my fave just always been a dream to see some of the best of all the breeds and meet other dog lovers. We have a cocker spaniel and at one point me, my sister and my mum all had pics of him as our profile pics on facebook. A family mate made a joke that the family resemblance was amazing lol xx


  • DoodledDogDesigns

    I used to show Westies as a child and qualified for Crufts but never got to go due to school! I have just got a Boston Terrier now and would love to see them on Utility day! She has Just completed her beginners agility and maybe someday she might make it to Crufts. My rescue dog also does agility, so it would be great to see the pro’s at agility too! paulahamilton8@gmail.com

  • Geek Chick

    I would love to go on hound day as I have a greyhound and a whippet. Unfortunately I can’t make it on that day this year. This won’t stop me though, I can go and visit them at the Discover Dogs stand and also support the many hound charity stalls. Even though I can’t make it on that day there are so many things going on I won’t have a problem filling my day. I wonder what treats I will buy for my lucky dogs and also my mum who will be dog sitting for me?

  • Hayley

    It’s going to be my first year at Crufts and im sooooo excited and cant wait to see as much as possible but i’d choose to see Hounds because they are a type of dog i’m not so familar with but saw them doing displays at the great yorkshire show this year and was amazed! i love how they work in a pack and they are so intelligent! really gorgeous dogs! thanks

  • JaneM

    I would like to see the Norwich terrier class. My childhood dog was a Norwich terrier and you rarely see them now.

  • eddie494

    I’d like to see the Utility class, we’re big fans of French Bulldogs and can think of nothing better than being in the company of a warehouse full of ’em for a day 🙂

  • Piper and Daisy

    I’d love to see the standard poodles because a long time ago we puppy walked for Dogs for the Disabled. Hubby was hoping we would get a labrador or alsation so when they gave us a standard poodle he nearly died at the thought of walking it! But we absolutely loved him (his name was Max) and it broke our hearts to give him back at the end of our ‘training time’.

  • Benjie Ward

    I’d love to see the Terrier group as my mum had a Cairn when she was younger and I grew up with a Westie until it was put down with brain damage 🙁 Love Scotties too as they have a great personality!



    I’d love to see the Flatcoated Retrievers. We have two, and love the breed so much. There are many champions in our dogs lines, and I know alot of their relatives will be at crufts this year (including my younger dogs sister), so I would love to go and see them in action.

    Email: kiraloo2003@yahoo.co.uk
    Kimberley Howes