The Perfect Coffee – everytime!

Coffee, why do you drink it? I find coffee is quite a sociable drink. Once upon a time I would have met friends for a cocktail, now I tend to meet them for coffee. I see coffee as a bit of a treat. Once the school run is done in the morning I make coffee!

Rombouts coffee

I love “proper coffee” but, I’m the only coffee drinker in the house so making a pot of “proper” coffee seems a bit extravagant. So the opportunity to review Rombouts Coffee on cup filters was rather exciting!

I was amazed to learn that Rombouts One Cup Filters were invented in 1958, for the Brussels World Exhibition. In 1964 they first appeared in shops.  Now, the joy of one cups is you do get the perfect cup every time, there’s no guessing whether you have put enough coffee in or not! It’s proper coffee without the need for a fancy machine, and they’re perfect if you’re on the go – no mess but the perfect cup of coffee, EVERY time!


Rombouts are a Belgian coffee company which started in Antwerp in 1896! By 1966 Rombouts was appointed Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium. Rombouts coffee is Fairly traded, and they’re keen to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. They use paper pods in their rather fabulous looking coffee machines. The one cups are made of plastic, but it is a thin type of plastic which can be recycled, however my local recycling does not recycle them at the moment.

Rombouts Coffee Cups and Saucers

Coffee On the Go

Rombouts have a great travel mug, which I have loved using! It’s BPA free, an can be put in the microwave. The perfect cup of coffee on the go has made football training, swimming lessons and easier to manage! I like the retro design on the side of the cup, and it is easy to keep clean – important for me as we don’t have a dishwasher! I noticed that currently, if you collect 4 codes from One cup filter boxes, you can get a Rombouts Travel Cup free!

Rombouts one cup filter and travel mug


What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

Medium Roast, Strong, Decaf? Pick your favourite blend and enjoy the perfect coffee! I usually use a Strong roast to make a cappuccino with in the mornings. While the coffee is filtering into my mug, I heat some milk then whisk it, adding the milk on top of the filtered coffee. A medium roast is the perfect mid morning coffee, and by the afternoon I move onto Decaf! The Decaf are easy to spot as they are blue plastic, and smell different. I’d never actually enjoyed Decaf until I tried the Rombouts Decaf one cup filters!


WIN Rombouts Coffee!

So, you’ve read about the Rombouts One Cup Filters, now how would you like to WIN a selection of your own? To enter follow the simple steps on the Rafflecopter widget below! Good luck!


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Disclaimer: I received Rombouts items for review.