Get organised!

Being organised can make the day run so much better – especially if you’re busy! So, I’m sharing my easiest tips on how to stay organised with a family..

Get a Diary

An old-fashioned diary is great as it’s easy to update and there’s no worry of technical failure! I write everything in my diary – from dentist appointments to school project deadlines! It also helps keep track of things like when I need to pay for school trips, or if I need to wash extra school uniform! If you don’t want a diary, try a bullet journal.

Everything in its place…

Everything needs a home, especially if it’s sports kit! The children have a bag for each after school club, and the kit lives in the bag once it is washed and dry. The kit bags all hang in a row and are clearly labelled with names and activities! It may seem tedious, but it’s so easy in the morning to get each child to just grab their kit bag!

Shoes, they all live by the front door. We have what I call a “shoe box” (which is really a crate) and that stores the “out of season” shoes or boots until Winter/Summer.

Clothes, I try to root through the children’s wardrobe frequently and anything outgrown gets donated. For the adults, I rotate our wardrobes Winter and Summer, which means storing the “other seasons” clothes carefully in storage boxes which live on top of our wardrobe!

Toys, this one is a tough one! I think children are into toys for a relatively short time. So, while my husband gets driven mad by toys everywhere..I don’t mind them quite so much. We have utilised empty picnic baskets as great storage for our daughter, the baskets are lightweight but quite strong, ideal for dolls or toy ponies!

Have you ever wondered what your Star sign says about your organisational style? Furniture At Work™  have produced this fun infographic on just that! I’m a Virgo, and apparently I should like buying things to organise myself with. I have to admit that yes, I do enjoy storage solutions, though I’m not sure they make me any tidier! Is your Star sign true to your organisational style?

Furniture At Work - an organised mess infographic