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Outgrowing your home?

Making the most of the space you have in your home is so important. Whether you look for clever storage solutions for essentials such as coats and shoes, or minimise clutter, there is a time when you might feel you have outgrown your home.

What to do when you’re growing out your home?!

A simple answer may be to move house. But the practicalities of moving home aren’t always quite so simple. There are large expenses to moving home, whether you’re renting or buying! If you’re moving rental home, you’ll need a deposit and agents fees, plus expenses to actually move your stuff. Buying a new home is even more expensive, and then often a long process just to be in the position to get the keys to your new home!

Are there other options?

If you’re renting, you’re limited to what you can do with furniture to maximize your space. Don’t despair though. Take the time to draw a plan of each room and carefully work out a to scale drawing. When you look for clever furniture to best for your space these measurements will be invaluable.

If you own your home, before you decide to move, consider if you could extend your home. Perhaps you could look to convert the attic into an office space or an extra bedroom? An attic may seem a dark dingey space, but with clever planning and installing VELUX roof windows you could get a marvellous extra space.

So, before you dash out looking to move house, consider instead whether you’re really making best use of the space in your current home.


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