Airfix Quick Build VW campervan

Airfix Quick Build are aimed at children aged 5+. There is no gluing or painting, the parts just click together to form a perfect model. We were delighted to be sent an Airfix Quick Build VW campervan to take on our holiday adventures with us.


Building it..

We set E age 6, the task of building the model. He’s quite good at building models, but found clicking the bits together quite difficult. We needed to give him a little help, but he got there in the end. I have to say I think it would have been better suited to my 9 year old as he’s more patient and more able to click fiddly bits together easily. It’s certainly not a super easy build – but actually I think that’s a good thing! The quick build is really a first step to building real models, so it’s more about the step before the Airfix kits I remember from childhood!

Airfix quick build campervan

Finished model!

So, the finished model looks rather impressed. In fact it wouldn’t look out of place on a campsite! The wheels do rotate so it can be driven along, but it is a model and not a robust toy. We lost a wing mirror after E decided to try spot of off-roading it…!

Overall we all thought that the Airfix Quick build model Campervan was great fun. My 9 year old has already requested another set for Christmas, as he loves the detail on the model.  Priced at around £15, I think they offer good value for money and certainly kept my boys quiet for a couple of hours (building and playing!).


Disclaimer; we were sent this kit for the purposes of an honest review.