Our Top toddler essentials!

I think the toddler stage is great fun, but also quite tiring for both parents and the toddlers themselves! It’s all about new experiences, and Yo is a bit like a sponge at the moment, soaking up every bit of information that she can. New words are emerging daily, and she knows what she likes already!

Puddles are a favourite source of entertainment, and we use a LittleLife backpack with reins to keep her safe while she splashes about, they mean she doesn’t have to hold our hand, and we don’t have to worry about her falling – remember even shallow water can pose a risk of drowning to young children.



Of course if your little one is busy, they’re going to get thirsty, and water the best way for them to stay hydrated. Yo is sometimes a bit fussy about drinking water, and I’ve found we needed to experiment a bit with different drinks bottles to find one that she liked. One of our favourites is the Tommee Tippee filter bottle, this filters the water as your little one drinks it.

tommee tippee filter bottle

The bottle is great for travelling around with, and doesn’t leak. The only negative I’ve found is that when you need to replace the filter, you need to buy replacements from a Boots store, they’re not yet available online.

tommee tippee filter bottle
The black bit you see inside the top of the bottle (attached to the inside of the lid) is the filter.

gNappies are still very much part of day to day life, Yo loves the bright patterns and is getting better at telling us when she’s “wet” which is all great news for when we progress to potty training. gNappies work well with toddlers in my experience as the velcro straps are at the back, out of the way of intrigued toddler hands which try to undo conventional nappies! So, we’re sticking with them! I’ve a special gNappies 15% OFF discount code; LovegNappiesVA¬†

gNappies discount

Disclaimer; I received the filter bottle from tommee tippee as part of my Mumbassador role. All thoughts and opinions are my own.