KiddyYum Review

I like to make sure the children eat well, if they eat well they tend to be happier and actually sleep better at night too. We’ve just moved house, and during the move routines and mealtimes were thrown into chaos. Finding a healthy meal which I could prepare quickly and easily became a priority, and it just so happened that KiddyYum approached us for a review at about this time – good timing!

KiddyYum Meals

KiddyYum are frozen children’s meals perfectly portioned for children aged 1+. They contain carefully selected produce, with no added nasties. They can be oven or microwave cooked straight from the freezer, so are ideal if you’re in a hurry.

KiddyYum fish & veg pie

I like the ease of having something to grab from the freezer, and the meals did look appealing once cooked. The fish and veg pie was not at all popular, while my toddler loved the salmon, there were some quite large bits of white fish in the pie which she did not. Unfortunately, this meant she wouldn’t eat the rest of the meal. The meals do have lots of textures, but the bits of white fish were just a bit too big for my 20 month old when she was eating using her own spoon.

The macaroni Bolognese is very saucy, but proved to be quite popular with my toddler and my 5 year old too! Sometimes after school 5 year old E is really hungry, and having a KiddyYum meal in the freezer which I could get ready super fast, meant I wasn’t having to fend him off with bread and butter until dinner was ready! I made his meal a bit more substantial by adding a piece of garlic bread and some extra veggies on the side. I think we will probably be buying the macaroni Bolognese again, as it would be great to keep as a quick meal for after a day out or just an easy tea. I like the fact that the meals are quick and easy to prepare, and I don’t need to worry about added salt or sugar. At almost £2 each You can find KiddyYum in most Sainsbury’s stores.