Online Shopping – do you?

Collaborative Post.

Online shopping, do you love it or loathe it? I read somewhere that during the heavy snow a couple of years ago, online retailers saw a spike in sales. People couldn’t get to work, but they could access the internet, and they could (and did) shop. I wonder what they were buying? Sledges for once the snow had melted? A new ski jacket to keep them cosy? Or perhaps they just bought what they were planning to buy from the high street that day?

I like to shop in a “real” shop, but I don’t enjoy the children bickering as they’re bored while I am trying to choose a new household item, especially if it’s an expensive item! I know that they don’t think a washing machine is very exciting, but I also know it’s a major purchase and I need to check I’m choosing the right one! So, that’s when I turn to online shopping.

Online shopping has major benefits, there’s no going out in the rain, no massive queues, and no worrying that I’ve got to carry the shopping home, or squeeze whatever I’ve bought into the car! I can shop at my leisure, buy with the click of the mouse, and the shopping gets delivered to my door. ┬áThere is even cataloguewithcredit.co.uk who list catalogues with credit if you need to spread the cost of shopping.

There’s so much choice online, so many options to choose from, and all from the comfort of your sofa. A few months ago, I ordered everything for my son’s birthday online. I could search for the best price, order for next day delivery, and make sure I had remembered the card too! I also ordered everything for his party, which if I’d had to shop for on the high street would have been chaos with the children!

So, that’s why online shopping works for me, do you love or loathe shopping on-line? Do let me know!