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Bamboo Toothbrush Review

When I started on my journey to  reduce waste and live a more eco-friendly life, I decided to start small. I wanted to make small changes, and keep the changes, rather than attempt to change it all and fail. One thing I had never considered, was my toothbrush. Most toothbrushes which you buy in the shop are plastic. A type of plastic which cannot readily be recycled. A plastic which goes into landfill, and doesn’t break down for many, many years.

While I proudly admit that we reuse old toothbrushes to do grubby cleaning chores.. ( the awkward bits on car wheels..) ultimately, they do end up in the rubbish eventually. That’s before I’ve even begun to talk about the plastic packaging. The trouble is we are so used to finding brightly coloured plastic brushes on shop shelves. I don’t actually know of a store locally I can walk into and buy an eco-friendly toothbrush. So, the first step is getting organised and finding an online store to buy an eco-friendly toothbrush, and they are widely available online!

Bamboo Toothbrush Review

Bamboo Toothbrush

I was sent a bamboo toothbrush from FETE. It arrived in a fully recyclable packaging – cardboard box, and inside a paper bag containing the toothbrush. The toothbrush looks slightly old-fashioned. But, it’s old-fashioned design is actually quite appealing. The brush is  comfortable to hold, and once you get used to the shape of the brush head (it’s a traditional shape rather than ergonomically designed) I’ve found that it’s actually a really nice toothbrush!

There is obviously a novelty element, it’s a cool product, people ask me about it when they see it sat on the bathroom cabinet. Price, this is something my husband and I discussed. The bamboo toothbrush costs £5, which is at the high-end of the market. However, you can buy a multi-pack of 4 brushes for £15, which makes them good value, and we’ll be making the switch. They also come with different coloured handles so there’s no worry about mixing up brushes if you’re a family using them!

Disclaimer: I was sent the brush for purpose of review.