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My 23 Month old..

I can’t quite believe that Yo is 23 months old, it feels me with delight and emotion too – where have the last 23 months gone?! August is Yo’s Birthday month, so I know that soon she will be 2 and that my little girl will no longer be a baby!

So many “baby” things have already gone, she no longer has a bottle, she can drink from a cup and use a fork and spoon to eat beautifully. The high chair has been outgrown, and she can tell us exactly what she wants (most of the time!).

She’s not potty trained yet, though she will come and tell us if she needs changing and be quite insistent in needs doing.. “now!”.  Her dummy is still very present, though she only has it at bedtime or if she’s feeling very tired or unwell it will appear during the day. Each morning I ask her to “Give Mummy dummy, you’re a big girl now and don’t need that in the day” and she will most of the time hand it over without any fuss.

messy play

Toys and imaginative play are really starting to be important in her play, her favourite toys at the moment are dolls, or “babies” as she calls them. Yo loves putting the dolls to bed, washing them – (a great summer garden activity!) and generally looking after them. I sometimes catch site of her holding a dolly like a real baby, and  feel a pang of missing holding Yo as a tiny baby, but every day her smile gets bigger and cheekier, and her ability to give big cuddles grows and that is just as wonderful! There’s lots of singing while she plays, and her version of twinkle twinkle “where you are” is one not to miss! She is a real chatter box, and will tell you exactly what she’s thinking “Mummy, I don’t like that one, I want the other one..” or “It not me, the boys did it” when the wet wipes are emptied all over the floor…(they didn’t, she did!).

Tantrums, yes, she has tantrums and yes they’re impressive. Something she does which the boys never did is screech at a high-pitched level – and I do mean SCREECH! Generally, her tantrums are either because she is tired, or because we’re not listening to what she’s saying. Yesterday, she had a huge tantrum which went on for about half an hour it was tiring for all of us, we eventually worked out that she was trying to say she wanted her hair plaited so it didn’t fall on her face while she was colouring.. but it took half an hour of putting it in a band, screeching, and general chaos to resolve!

Physically, she can climb, run, jump and dance. The dancing has come over the last month, and it is adorable to watch her as she uses her arms to guide her as she almost waltzes around the kitchen floor. I would like to take her to swimming lessons soon as she loves it when I take her swimming! I wonder what excitement turning 2 will bring?