Miffy’s Birthday!!

Miffy the lovable bunny created by Dick Bruna,  is celebrating a very special birthday, on 21st June 2015 Miffy will celebrate her 60th Birthday!! To celebrate her birthday there are lots of exciting things planned, and a special 60th Birthday edition of the classic book Miffy’s Birthday. First published in 1970 Miffy’s Birthday tells the delightful tale of what happens on Miffy’s birthday, the rhymning story makes it fun for even the youngest listener to enjoy.The special 60th Birthday edition can be pre-ordered and is available to purchase from all good book shops on 4th June 2015.


There is something timeless about Miffy, she may be 60 on paper, but the illustrations haven’t aged. The books still appeal to boys and girls, and with a wide variety of topics! Our new favourite is Miffy at the Gallery, and it is perfect for parents to read with their children before they embark on a visit to an art gallery! The books are great to read and easily explain different emotions or events in a childs life, if you haven’t read one yet do get a hold of one!

Expect lots more Miffy related posts, as I will be writing about the fun we’re having on the lead up to Miffy’s big birthday!


Disclaimer; We received the books for the purposes of review.