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Love Lego..tidy lego..

Sometimes, my children amaze me. Actually, no, every day my children amaze me. My 7 year old is incredible, in so many ways he is grown up and kind, he is clever and funny, my only complaint is his inability to tidy up his Lego.

Seriously, if you are a parent of a child old enough to own Lego you’ll understand why there’s a battle to make sure the Lego gets put away, as treading on a brick is agony! Each evening I say the same thing “Ok put it all away before bed please..” and on most nights I find myself sat tidying it up after he’s asleep in bed. It’s become a bit of a battle, and one I have to admit that I’m not winning! Tonight, I again reminded him to tidy away before bed, and when I checked whether it had been tidied away, this is what greeted me..


Lego Heart


What an utterly glorious sight, from a clever little boy to his Mother and of course it ensured that I tidied it up without grumbling! I did laugh at the play money which was mixed in – but apparently that had been part of the game he’d been playing with the Lego before I’d asked him to tidy!

Do your children avoid tidying things away? Or perhaps they’re brilliant at tidying away – do let me know your tips to encourage them to tidy!