Slumberland CD Review

Like many people,  turn to music for most occassions, whether I’m sad, happy or angry there’s music out their to suit my mood. I’ve also known for a long time that music affects my children’s moods. When my eldest was small we had to play certain classical music whenever we were in the car or he’d scream for the entire journey! For centuries lullabies have been sung to get small children to go to sleep, and most parents these days are familiar with the electronic tinging sounds made by clever musical cot mobiles!

I love sharing music with my children, and I tend to shy away for “children’s” albums, as they’re not enjoyable to listen to for me. However, when I was sent information on Slumberland, I was intrigued as the songs on the album while all calming were not necessarily what I’d think I’d hear on a typical CD for children.  Singer Humphrey Berney (Best known as part of BRIT award winning group Blake) voice is just beautiful with a warm tone which beautifully expresses each song.

Slumberland front cover

The children all seemed to enjoy the album, actually they all started to try to sing along which was lovely, albeit perhaps not what the album is aimed at, but certainly filled me with delight! I have to confess, when I’d listened to the album once with the children, I adopted it as my own! You see, there are times when life is stressful, and I just need something to listen to which is relaxing, and Slumberland is ideal for those moments. When I need to gather my thoughts after a stressful day, Slumberland goes on. I’ve also discovered it works brilliantly for when you’re sat in traffic jams with a car load of grumpy children, though I think I can say my attempt at a duet with Humphrey on Somewhere out there undoubtedly provided the entire traffic jam with some entertainment.. (take my advice and ensure the car windows are shut before indulging in a bit of car-oke if in that scenario..)

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day Gift which the whole family will appreciate, grab a copy of Slumberland;


The songs on the album are:


Baby Mine
River Lullaby
Lullabye (Good Night my Angel)
Lullabye for a Stormy Night
Somewhere Out There
Brahms Lullaby
Hushabye Mountain
All the Pretty Little Horses
Dream a Little Dream
Moon River
When You Wish Upon A Star
Somewhere Over the Rainbow