If I won the Lottery..

If I won the lottery..how would life change? I would make day to day life more interesting.. I’d avoid the rush of the every day, and fly to the school gates in my own private helicopter. Would I learn to fly it? Certainly not, I’d expect my own private pilot to take care of all that! At the weekends I’d fly to the seaside, to spend long days on different sandy beaches. The summer I’d spend visiting UK beaches, then as the weather changed I’d jump on a plane and visit beaches further away, what a wonderful way to spend each day!

Beach brakers

I’d hire myself my own personal stylist, they’d pick out my outfits every day, with an eye to detail and careful planning I’d never be caught without my wellies when it’s muddy outside! Oh..and I’d find someone to wash all the clothes, iron them and put them away.. Then I could focus on just dressing the children, and washing..and ironing.. and putting all their clothes away instead.. (or maybe I’d let them do that too?) Every week I’d have a delivery of exotic fresh-cut flowers delivered to my door, they’d sit at the foot of our hand carved bed which would be decked with a fabulous wool mattress and covered in organic cotton sheets embossed with our initials. I’d have someone design our bedroom to be a den of tranquility, somewhere to drift calmly off to sleep, with a roll top bath in the corner..we may need to move house to fulfil that dream..

I’d have lessons on how to bake the perfect loaf from Paul Hollywood himself, and then I’d bake every day like the perfect wife.. I’d bake more cakes, and learn to delicately decorate them with intricate detail to stun and amaze friends as they marvel at my creations! I’d spend days sailing, wild swimming and generally enjoying every moment of life! In the evenings I’d spend most nights of the week visiting the theatre, from the Gruffalo, the Mikado, or a wonderful ballet! There are so many things I would do if I won, I’m writing my list, compiling it carefully, wondering what I’d do first with a big win?? A champagne fountain for all of my friends, with chocolate dipped strawberries for the children and a new pair of shoes for me!!

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  • Andrew Petrie

    I would buy an idyllic cottage in the Lake District and spend the rest of my days fishing.

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Give lots away to two charities close to my heart, look after my family financially and take them all away for a great holiday!

  • C Kennedy

    I’ve thought about this many times over the years! I would pay off my mum’s mortgage, book a big family holiday, buy at least 10 new pugs, buy a new car (nothing posh, just a Citroen or something) and buy a nice house.

  • Jodie Harvey

    i would buy a slightly bigger house, 6 children and 2 adults just doesnt work in a small 3 bed hosue!

  • Dave C

    I’d invest some incase it ever run out! Lol. I’d sort out my friends and family, learn a language, tour the world!

  • Sarah N

    I’d go on an exotic holiday and think about what to spend the rest of the money on.

  • BigBrainyBee

    If I won BIG I’d treat myself to a dream holiday and then buy a nice big house in the country.

  • Lee Ritson

    If I won big, i’d pay my debts, sort out my family and their debts then go to disneyworld!

  • Janice

    yes, some of the same things as you’ve mentioned….. I’d visit lots of different places and learn so many new things

  • Amanda Johnson

    It is something I have thought about often on my walk to work each morning. The first thing I would do is pay all my debt and my mortgage off and then get my hubby a new car. Nothing flash just something new and shiny. I would a little away for each of the boys for when they get older and also set up a pension for each of them. Then do what I can to look after and help out the rest of my family.

  • Kayleigh White

    I’d pay my sisters mortgages off, treat my parents to a life of luxury and make sure my 18 year old nephews life is the best it can be!

  • Alison Johnson

    Buy a car, a DS3 which I love 🙂 Go on holiday, give some to the kids & buy a house with a lovely big garden.

  • Courtney-Jo Egan

    ! Ive had a hectic week found out im pregnant with baby #1 very nervous but a good win would so ease my nerves.. if i won the lottery id buy everything for my baby, loads of cute clothes, a bugaboo pram ect ❤️‪#‎Competition‬ ‪#‎win‬ ‪#‎giveaway‬ ‪#‎InItToWinIt‬ ~~~***~~~ Sooooo want !!! Thanks so so so much for a chance to win at your amazingly generous giveaway!! fingers crossed so tightly ~~~***~~~ ~~~***~~~ xoxo Liked and Shared with my almost 5,000 friends and over 1,000 followers ❤️❤️

  • Kate Loader

    I would retire and find my passion in life. I’d also make sure the rest of my family was comfortable

  • cheryl hadfield

    I would buy a large house in cornwall and live the life of luxury with my family

  • Angie Hoggett

    I’d pay off my mortgage then buy second homes in Yorkshire, some luxury apartments in my fave cities and a beach house in Ibiza!

  • Helen W

    I’d go on holiday first, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, then after that plan how to spend the rest.

  • Melissa Crowe

    1st i go on a lovely beach hoilday 🙂 then buy a house in the country xx fingers crossed x

  • Rebecca Alderson

    If I won big I’d pay off my debts and get a house in the Scottish borders to settle down in!

  • Vicky Eves

    I would buy myself a holiday home in New York! I am so in love with that place! Dreaming of being able to afford to spend more time there!

  • Kayley Hill

    Firstly go to the Maldives and figure out how im going to spend it. give a lot of it to local dog rescue charities. Some of the poor babies they rescue are in awful condition. Break my heart x

  • David Crabb

    I would invest in my local non league football club and become an Essex Roman Abrimovich (spelt very wrong I’m sure!)

  • Kay Lou Smith

    Pay off our debt from overspending as students, buy a nice house mortgage free and help my parents to take a well earned break 🙂

  • Laura Harrison

    Buy a three bedroom house with a nice garden and take my boyfriend on a cruise around the Caribbean. Thank you for the chance xxx

  • Barbara Handley

    I would buy a large house with a granny annex so the whole family could live together.

  • Simone Kilshaw

    I would buy a cottage in the lake district, buy a car, then sit back and count my monies 🙂

  • DawnLouise Millmoor

    I’d buy a bigger house as we have outgrown this one, decorate it nicely to reflect our tastes. Then I’d book a nice family holiday somewhere. I’d like to put a little bit into an account for each of our boys.
    I would use anything leftover to help out some family members a little bit and to donate some money to a local poorly boy as they are struggling to raise funds needed (Bradley Lowery)

  • Sarah Hayes

    I would buy a house big enough for my family and we have never had a holiday ever! So we would go on a long my holiday too.

  • Marina Owen

    If I won big on the lottery I’d give up work and go travelling for a couple of months with my family. Then I’d buy a new house, new cars, a boat and some kayaks. I’d pay off my friends mortgages and I’d take them and their kids on holiday to Disneyworld. I would give quite a chunk of my win to the Welsh Air Ambulance and to Hope House – two charities which mean a lot to me. I would also volunteer to work for either of the above charities.

  • Vicky Hawkins

    I would start my own events business, go on a big family holiday and buy a house.

  • Ian Campbell

    I’d buy my family an expensive house in St Ives in Cornwall, with enough money to live in luxury for the rest of their days. They’ve always wanted to retire there, so now they could realise the dream. Happy days 🙂

  • Jo

    I would be so happy if I could just become at stay at home mum instead of having to work full time x I’d also have a lovely holiday!

  • Karen Lloyd

    If I won big the first thing I would do is buy a top of the range static caravan on the Welsh Cardigan coast. We love it there.

  • Joanne Lyttle

    I’d buy a nice house and go on a month’s cruise. Sort my son and family out a bit and put some money away for the future. Depends on how much you won really. Very good blog post x