Headphone Heaven!

In my heart I’m still a teenage music student, battling my way through Shostakovich’s symphonies and falling in love with his opera ‘The Nose’ (and no I didn’t just make that up!) Receiving a pair of fabulous Sennheiser headphones in the post was hugely exciting, I instantly felt ten years younger and I had a sudden splurge on music which I’d not heard in a decade! They even came with a 6.3mm stereo jack adaptor – cue me plugging them into the keyboard..and cue Boo announcing he wanted piano lessons..well at least with these head phones I could leave him practising his scales without having to listen to them over and over again…!

Unlike some head phones, these ones have a long lead enabling you to use them while you’re dancing around your kitchen – hey it’s a great work out.. I confess to being caught out on several occasions while I’m dancing like a loon but it de-stresses me so who cares! If your a fan of android phones like me (cue me coo-ing quietly over my glorious Samsung SIII) it’s worth carefully selecting  a pair of headphones so you can fully exploit all your phones functions while shutting out the outside world. You can get comfort and sound quality for under £30, Oh and they look good to!

Sitting on busy commuter trains I used to frequently find myself bored and attempting to read the newspaper of the person next to me, this was ok until they turned the page and I wanted to shriek “No! I’ve not finished yet!!” Now,  my commuting is less frequent, but, I can catch up with my favourite programmes or read my own paper on my phone.. When I get home I love taking the opportunity to clamber into bed to watch a film or listen to some music and not worrying about waking the boys up – it’s the ultimate winter chill out!

 I use my headphones for escapism, they’re seriously comfy and after a few minutes I forget I’m wearing them! Thanks to Three.co.uk for sending me some fabulous headphones to brighten up my Winter evenings!