Kindness matters

There’s lots on social media about random acts of kindness. Sometimes, I read them and wonder if they’re genuine acts of kindness or just to gain publicity. But then I wonder whether it really matters? It’s the being kind which is the most important part?

Blue cornflower

As a parent I try to teach my children to be kind to one another and to others too. Sometimes, it’s the smallest gestures which make the biggest impact on others.

Kindness from your sofa..

We are all busy, and sometimes I think being busy means we forget the most simple acts of kindness. Sitting and writing that email or a letter to your friend who has been struggling, it might not seem much to you but it will mean the world to them. Yes I speak from experience! Pick up the telephone and call your elderly relative, you may be the only person they’ve spoken to all day.


Small gestures.

Each Christmas, we like many other families have a tight budget. But I can’t help but feel there are always worse off than us. So in December we take an extra basket around the supermarket and fill it with things for the local food bank. Last year was an especially tight Christmas, but I still managed to put a couple of items in to help someone else’s family.

Just a coffee?

A few years ago, I treated myself to a very over priced exotic takeaway coffee. It was a bitterly cold day. I was wrapped up having climbed out of my heated car to dash and buy this coffee as a treat on my way to work. Within the few minutes it took me to get into the coffee shop my fingers were already white with cold. Outside the coffee shop was a homeless man, who was quietly asking people for spare change. People were largely ignoring him, certainly no one was giving him any change. As I came out of the coffee shop, I looked at him sat huddled on the floor, and thought that could be me? One day my luck could change and I might be sat on the floor invisible to the world? I asked if he would like my coffee – he accepted.

Giving to a good cause.

Each school holiday, we try to have a clear out of the children’s rooms. There’s always an outgrown jumper, book which has been read or an unloved toy which needs a new home. We then take these things along to a local charity shop. I think it’s good for the children to see that their things can go on to new homes and help a good cause along the way. Sometimes though you might rather sell things on selling sites. Or perhaps you don’t have quite so many “things” as we seem to. In that case you could consider giving a donation to a charity like Oxfam.


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