Mobility Bathrooms.

Having grown up with a sister who has multiple disabilities, I’ve always been aware that things which I might not even notice in day to day life, can be a nightmare to someone with a disability. The lack of a handrail on steps, the lack of a ramp, that very low step can all pose problems to a disabled person. 

While in many scenarios there is someone there to say “Oh watch that..” or stretch out a hand to help, there isn’t always help when a disabled person wishes to use the bathroom. Stepping into a shower tray can be a challenge, but there are shallow shower trays available from specialist mobility bathroom stores. A wetroom is a great option and does away with any of the need to balance while climbing in or out of a shower tray, it also gives great access for those using a mobility device, and the ability to place grab rails where required.

A wide doorway into the bathroom, easily accesible towel rails and a none slip floor, these are all simple things which make a huge difference in the day to day to life of a disabled person. When designing a bathroom which will really work for a disabled person it’s really important to consult someone who understands their very individual needs, and spend time discussing whether they will be able to use the room independently or will need support – as this could make a difference to how they arrange the bathroom space. A specialist designer will also take into account whether the disabled person would need access for a wheel chair or mobility aid, and also ensure that there the floor surfaces are kept as level with no trip hazards, and always suggesting the safest, non slip options.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post, all words are my own.