Do you learn the lingo?


Passport, Visa, currency, travel insurance, sun cream, phrase book?? When you’re booking your annual holiday, do you take into consideration the language spoken in the country you’re planning to visit?

When I’m off on holiday I love to grab a phrase book and have a go at the language, but I confess there have been some embarrassing errors! Yes, the time I wanted to ask for fish and some how requested a ‘bottom’ I genuinely have no idea how I managed that one, but it amused the waiter greatly! It does seem ┬áthat I am not alone at having had translation fails!


A survey by Holiday Autos has shown that Brits on holiday in France know up to 15 words. Yet in Spain they only know 8 words! Amazingly 27% of people don’t make the effort to learn ANY of the local language, as “everyone speaks English!”.

Why you should learn the lingo.

I think it’s quite fun to learn some of the local language. It can also be really useful to learn the lingo! We always try to learn basic directions, as relying on hand signals to get you safely back to your hotel isn’t the most reliable! Yet 35% of Brits admit to relying on hand gestures as a means of communication!

Two thirds of Brits admit to feeling embarrassed at their lack of ability to communicate in a foreign language. I’m sad to confess I form part of this group! I really wish I took more time to learn another language really well, and each year I promise I will, but fail too. For me, confidence is a big problem, I worry I’ll make mistakes, but how will I learn to speak well if I don’t make the mistakes? Surely it’s more embarrassing to be relying on someone in a foreign country to speak English?

An easy way to expand your vocab..

My top tip to learning the lingo is get yourself a CD, every time I go out in the car I play the learn the language CD! The children pick up the language really quickly, and you’ll find yourself remembering words without much effort at all!

So, will you be learning the lingo before you head off on holiday?


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