Easter Adventures..did we find the Gruffalo?

This was a special Easter Weekend for us, as Mr G had the entire 4 day weekend off, something which I can’t remember happening before! We had excitedly made ambitious plans to redesign the garden, redecorate the house and venture out to the beach and on one of the National Trust Easter Egg trails! Of course the weather forecast was wretched, but we managed a day of glorious sunshine at the beach. The beach provided much needed Daddy and boys time, and gave me the chance to relax watching them (mostly) happily playing!

Easter Monday, we checked the National Trust site, and our chosen trail page had altered slightly – it was showing the wrong postcode, but was still there and didn’t show any sign of cancellation. So we jumped in the car and drove to Foxbury (Nr Bramshaw in the New Forest), to be greeted with a sign stuck to a tree saying ‘Easter Event Cancelled’. At which point Boo started to cry and Mr G got out to read the entire notice. A lovely lady from the NT spoke to Mr G, and told us where the next nearest event was, but was understanding that we especially wanted to do this one as it allowed the boys to run about letting off lots of steam.

Having dealt with the tears and frustrations of a disheartened 3year old. We decided that we would make sure we had a great afternoon anyway, and after lunch Boo suggested we go and look for the Gruffalo..so we did just that..

We ventured up a woodland path..

and searched in the mud..as apparently Gruffalo’s like mud..

We followed tracks..surely they must lead to the Gruffalo?!

Well..we didn’t discover the Gruffalo.. but we did discover a muddy puddle..

and if you look closely (very closely as I took a rubbish photograph!) you’ll see that this muddy puddle was full of tadpoles!
We had great fun watching the tadpoles and talking to Boo about what will happen to them next! We’re going to venture back next weekend to see if they’re still there and if they’ve grown legs yet! 

How was your Easter weekend?