Due Date..

Being pregnant there are lots of dates on my mind. But the one I always get asked about is my due date. I’m not entirely sure why people are so interested in due dates. It’s not like it’s a guaranteed delivery date, I mean, who do I complain to if baby doesn’t arrive?! I giggle to myself at that thought. Mostly because none of my children have arrived on their due date..


First baby..

My first baby, everyone was convinced would come early. I constantly heard “you are so big!!” and “there is no way you will make it to your due date!” So you can imagine my frustration when my due date came and went, with not even a twinge. He eventually arrived eleven days late..

Second baby

Number two, I was prepared that he would be late. So when the midwives all fussed on my due date, I stood my ground and said “no, he will arrive when he is ready..” and sure enough that night twinges started. He arrived a day after his due date.

Third baby..

Number 3, as soon as I knew she was a girl, I accepted it. I mean, it’s all about being fashionably late isn’t it? She was. Ten whole days late.

This pregnancy..

So this time, I am planning that baby will be late. In my mind the due date is very different to the date on my notes. I seem to produce babies who like to take a little longer to arrive. I’m being very vague when anyone asks me what date I’m due. Just giving an indication of the part of the month. Not giving an actual date. That way I hope to avoid all the “is your baby here yet?” questions which are inevitable once you’re in the last trimester.

So, did you share your due date with everyone? Or were you a bit vague with it like me?


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  • Ojo Henley

    My first 2 were induced late, my 3rd was induce 3 weeks early! He was getting too big, would have been 12lb (ish) if he had been on time, ouch! x