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Dirty Dishes..

I hate washing up. If you ever come to my house unannounced, and venture into the kitchen I can guarantee that you will be greeted with a site which looks rather like this:

With just two adults and two children, I find myself constantly battling a mountain of cups, spoons, plates and dishes..and however hard I try I don’t seem to ever keep on top of it, I never have an empty sink and empty draining board! How on earth do big families manage?! Mr G and I have decided (at long last) that we need a dishwasher, we had initially worried as we’re on a water meter that it might not be cost effective, but after some research I think it will be! But which dishwasher to choose?  We live in a hard water area, and fear the dreaded lime scale build up, so we need to make sure we can either de-scale the machine easily or prevent the build up of lime scale!

I think I’d like a counter top dishwasher, no bending to fill the dishwasher would be a big bonus for me, although a slimline dishwasher might look better in our space limited kitchen? I want to ensure I get the best dishwasher to suit our lifestyle and budget, and I want it to match the rest of the appliances in our kitchen so it’s got to be silver! The search begins!