A fresh start.. It’s a Weight(y) issue..

I knew I’d gained weight, I’m a terrible comfort eater and food has been a wonderful friend for the last year. What I hadn’t realised was just had bad things have become, then two things occurred.. firstly Boo looked at me and enquired if the “baby was arriving soon?” he’s 5 and his friends Mummy is having another baby, so he assumed that’s why my tummy had got fat. I managed to laugh this off and explain that Mummy had infact just eaten to much, but then I was sent a photo taken yesterday which showed just how much of a tummy I have gained and made me feel sad that it’s not a pregnant tummy, just a chubby one. If I wasn’t so ashamed I would post the photo here and now.

So, I need to accept that this has happened, and I need to jump on the scales to see just how much weight has been gained. Then I need to accept that cake is bad (and that I don’t like it that much anyway) and get back to loving myself enough to not filling up on junk.  First step, meal planning so I don’t get hungry and just grab whatever is in the cupboard, second step put all the treats in one place at the back of the cupboard and remember they’re just that – treats. 

I’d like to lose 1 1/2 stone by Christmas.. and I’m joining in Bloggers Slimming Club for extra motivation!