Bear with me while I explain..

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a Build-a-Bear wardrobe for a bargain price, Boo is quite keen on these bears thanks to his slightly older cousin, and has had a few bits and pieces over the last 12months. He pointed out to me as only a 4 year old can, that his wardrobe was lovely but a bit sparse, what was a bear to do with only one change of clothes – a Christmas outfit?! I pointed out that he could ask Father Christmas for another bear outfit, but until then we were avoiding the bear shop, and that was the end of that. 

Well, it was until we went to the carboot sale a week ago, we came across a lady selling a huge pile of bears! I was admittedly perhaps more excited than Boo, and rummaged through the haul! I had to stop and remember that we do not need any more bears, that and the voice over my shoulder slightly hysterically squealing ‘NO MORE BEARS!!’ (that was Mr G!). So we wondered off..on pottering back through making our way out of the sale, I noticed a small pile of clothes on bear lady’s stand…and then this happened:

Total spend: £3 

Play value, well E is currently learning all about how to put the bears clothes on and Boo is enjoying tidying up and putting the things into the wardrobe and telling me the bear is actually a dog called Patch due to the patch of white over his eye. 

Once the boys are finished playing with them, hopefully they’ll all find another new home!

Did you find any fabulous Magpie bargains this week?