Cloth Nappies, getting organised!

At the moment we’re only using our Baba & Boo nappies during the day, I was struggling to keep up with the mountain of washing our household creates and the lack of anywhere to dry it all in the winter months – roll on spring! I’ve found the hardest thing about cloth nappies has been just the simple step of getting organised, as if I’m not organised I get in a muddle and then end up turning to disposables for ease. So, I thought I’d write down my little list of how I organise our cloth nappy stash, nothing clever, just what works for me!

Our Favourite Baba & Boo Print
Our Favourite Baba & Boo Print

Storing the clean nappies.

I store them with the inserts in, literally once they’re dry I put them together and put them into a basket ready to use – this means no fussing at change time.

Dealing with dirty nappies on the go.

These get popped straight into our Baba & Boo wet bag, so they’re stored securely and I can pop it all in the wash once we get home! I also carry an old carrier bag with me for dealing with dirty wet wipes – I’ve still not invested in re-useable wipes but I should!

Dirty Nappies at home.

I keep a nappy bucket by the washing machine for ease, I do seperate the inserts from the outers before I drop them in just to keep things easy! They dry really quickly, I love to line dry them but currently they get dried on a clothes rack indoors!

Once our system was in place, I’ve found getting on and using our Baba & Boo nappies, and I can’t wait for sumer when there’s more opportunity to show them off!


Disclaimer: I am a Baba & Boo Ambassador all thoughts and opinions are my own.