Christmas Shopping For Toys

Collaborative Post.

It’s now officially the countdown to Christmas! How prepared are you? I have written a long list of things to do to make sure Christmas runs smoothly! Or as smoothly as it can with 4 children in the house!

While Father Christmas brings gifts, we also treat our children and family to gifts too. So toy shopping is a big annual event. Shopping is always fun, I say that with a hint of sarcasm! I will be honest, I try to avoid shopping with the children as it is often just too busy! It’s no fun trying to push a buggy around a busy store, and the children get bored in queues anyway! So, I either shop while the older children are at school, or shop online. 

Online or In-store?

Online shopping is great as it means I can often find a deal to save money on gifts. Though I have also discovered you can find deals online which are valid in store too! Sometimes you just want to shop in a store rather than on line – so you can see the item you’re buying! 

If you’re shopping online, remember to check how the item will be delivered. You don’t want a toy delivered with the packaging on display as it could ruin the surprise! Some retailers allow you to select discreet packaging to ensure the parcels get delivered wrapped. 

Which toys?

There are some classic toys which children seem to want every year, these are relatively easy to shop for as they never seem to run out! But then there are the newly popular toys, or TV character toys. At the moment PJ Masks toys are really popular at the moment, and I’m sure they will be appearing on many Christmas lists! These are sometimes harder to get hold of, and even hard to get a deal on. But it is always worth checking for toy deals!

Things to remember…

When you’re buying toys, do check you don’t need any extras to make them work. Whether it is extra batteries or an accessory, you don’t want to discover you can’t get the toy to work on Christmas day! 

It’s also worth considering whether the packaging is frustration free, or whether to take toys out of the packaging before they get handed over. We tend to make sure there is always a pair of scissors on standby for Christmas morning!