Children’s Eye Tests

My sons are 4 and 7, and until last week they had never had an eyetest. I’d not had any concerns about their eye health, so I’d not even considered to get them an eyetest, but actually all children should get an eyetest from about the age of 4 (or earlier if you have concerns!). Eyetests in the UK are free on the NHS for children under 16, and we went to Specsavers to try out their children’s eye tests.DSC_3524

Specsavers provided a friendly welcome to us, and there was a great waiting area for the children complete with wooden train set! We spent a little while checking out the range of children’s glasses while we waited (it is half the fun in my view – trying on all the glasses!) and we all loved the range of Disney glasses, especially the Frozen ones!


There are four styles which feature characters from Frozen, though the store we visited only had 3 styles in stock. Olaf looks great on these specs don’t you think?


We were called through quickly by the optician, and eye health was checked first, B got to use the special machine, but E was too small for this bit so he just had to watch. The eyetests were tailored to the ability of each child, B is 7 and so he was able to have a more traditional eyetest – reading the letters etc. Oh and using this special machine which gave him funny glasses to look through!


E being only 4 wasn’t expected to do any letter reading, instead he got to identify pictures and colours. The optician was so patient with E, who got really upset as he didn’t want to do the eyetest, she realised he was a bit frightened and talked to him for abut ten minutes about things he liked and what would happen in his eye test. Then he was quite keen to have his eye test! 

Both boys have excellent vision, so no need for any glasses, much to their dismay as E really wanted a pair, perhaps we’ll have to get him a nice pair of sunglasses instead? Anyway, the boys will be having an annual eye test just to keep a check on their eye health, it’s such an important and simple thing to get checked! Remember, eye tests are free on the NHS in the UK for under 16’s and even the range of Frozen spectacles would be free to under 16’s with an NHS prescription. Do your children have regular eye tests?