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Cosmopolitan – The fragrance

A few months ago over on the Goriami Family blog, I wrote about Cosmopolitan‘s hunt for the face of their new fragranceCosmopolitan have created a fragrance for fun, fearless females! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I received a beautiful box containing the new perfume which launched at the start of September, would the scent be overwelming or too exotic? Am I fun and fearless enough to wear it?!


The bottle is interesting, the lid is ornate and gives the impression of cut glass – it has all the design you would expect to find in the era of Great Gatsby. I do have to confess that whilst I think the lid is attractive I don’t find the bottle pleasing, I think I wanted a more novel bottle shape? But less is sometimes more and the lid is certainly eye catching! 


The fragrance, has fruity top notes with undertones of musky scents such as vanilla and sandalwood. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this combination of so many types of scent, owever, this fragrance is fabulous! It is quite a sophisticated fragrance which I would happily wear all day and into the evening! It is perfect for summer into Autumn, so buy it now!! It is not an overwelming fragrance, and I did find myself spritzing a top up spray at lunchtime, I am delighted to say I had several compliments about my new fragrance! Am I fun and fearless enough? I think I am! 

100ml is priced at £48 and Cosmopolitan The Fragrance is available exclusively at Boots now! Pop over to twitter to find out more about the fragrance.

Disclaimer: I was sent the bottle for the purposes of an honest review.