Art Attack is back and with Disney makes!

I used to love watching Art Attack as a child, it gave me great ideas which I’d pester my family to help me with! I started to watch old episodes a little while ago, to give me ideas for makes with Boo, but I’ll be honest they’re not quite as cool as they once were! Luckily for Boo, there is an up to date Art Attack with an enthusiastic new presenter – Lloyd Warbey, now into it’s second series thanks to Disney!

Lloyd comes from an acting background, and is very enthusiastic about art and Disney! He claims his favourite Disney Character is Abu the monkey (who hangs around Aladdin) as he’s cheeky and a bit like him!

There are three parts to the show, a main make, art technique and a simple make. The main make will take a little time but hopefully produce something your child will want to keep to show or play with! The art technique section aims to teach things like how best apply paint or how to use shadow to best effect. The simple makes are ideally for getting a quick result – ideal for younger children! The show aims to theme some makes to tie in with children’s favourite shows and below is a fabulous example of how to make a pirate sword which would make Jake or Captain Hook envious:

Boo and I are still in the process of waiting for ours to dry before we can paint in brown! But hopefully we can show it to you soon!

Catch up with the Art Attack every weekend at 10.35am!

Disclaimer: We were asked to feature this as Disney fans, but we did not receive remuneration. All opinions are my own.