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Bank Holiday Banquet #MorrisonsMum

We were thrilled to receive £80 vouchers to spend in Morrisons as part of their #MorrisonsMum campaign, this campaign tied in with their cheaper pricing which launched this bank holiday! They promise all the quality at a cheaper cost, did they deliver? Read on!

Even though I’m a grown up, I still see Friday night as curry night, and as a takeaway is costly we occasionally indulge in ready meals to fill the takeaway gap! For £12.18 for of us feasted on this lot;

OK, it’s not the cheapest, but was great quality – as good as our local “award winning” takeaway! Plus if I hadn’t been feeling so lazy (well it was a bank holiday weekend and I am pregnant..) we could have used a Sharwoods Sauce (on offer for £1) chicken breast (currently two large packets for £7.50 and we’d only need £3.75) and two microwavable bags of pilau rice for £1.58, which would have made our bill £9.03 (still including the naan, poppadoms and chutney to).

Over the weekend we went on our travels to the National Trust’s Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, in Ripon North Yorkshire

I had planned that we would take a picnic to save costs once we arrived and Morrisons didn’t let me down! Glorious fresh bread rolls packs of 4 were buy one get one free and costed 72p. Chicken and bacon sandwich filler £2.50, extremely tasty and loaded with meat! A huge family sized pork pie for £1 – bargain! Cherry tomatoes which were part of the 3 for £1.50 deal. Zoo Pombears on offer for £1 which we all enjoyed munching on! Scones, these were 65p!

I used a punnet of raspberries (99p) – sugared and left over night to create the most divine scone filling, my 5 year old has asked if we can have these every day! The total cost of 4 scones, the raspberries, cream and jar of jam was £3.24, but with plenty of jam and cream left to make other things with to!

In total I spent £73.59 in Morrisons, and out of that we have enough food for a curry, a rather lovely picnic, home made chicken pie (recipe to follow), home made cottage pie which costed less than £3 to make and fed 4 greedy people – but would easily have stretched to 6!

And well..we got 7 days worth of meals and munching..I even got Mr G some of his favourite Carling Cider – 6 bottles for £5! Was I impressed? Mostly yes, my only complaint could be that some of the fruit hasn’t kept as well as I hoped, but things like the avocados have been much better than I anticipated – ripening beautifully at home and tasting superb! Advice, have a good look around the store, if you are prepared to make it yourself you will save lots more, I am not usually a Morrisons shopper, but the smoked salmon, bread rolls and meat are great quality and great value and I will definitely be going back! 

Disclaimer; I received £80 Morrisons vouchers to spend on bank holiday shopping, all thoughts, images and opinions are my own.