Balancing landscapes

Collaborative Post

It’s that time of year when I am keen to spend as much time in my outdoor space as possible. I adore my garden, as do my children. But, as the children are getting older, I’m beginning to reclaim a small area of the garden for a grown-up space. A small area is now a garden toy free area. It has become somewhere to sit and enjoy a quiet drink, or entertain friends. But I’m continually working to have a fluid feel to the garden landscape as we move through it.

Creating a beautiful, workable family garden which appeals not just to the grown-ups but also the children takes a little time and plenty of planning! It’s important to draw out your plans, and take time to consider where the focal points of your garden are – or will be. I tend to use fixed features such as a high garden wall, to build my garden zones around. Then the planting tends to follow easily – although sometimes the area of my garden dictates what will or won’t grow! Shady areas of my garden are continually a source of frustration to me!

Balancing softscape and hardscape in the garden can help to create visual and physical zones within the garden. Each zone can have a focal point which draws you further into or around the garden. Hardscape are things like your garden fence, or the water feature we installed. Softscape is the planting. Both parts equally important – especially when trying to create fluidity in the garden design.

Need some help in how to balance softscape and hardscape? Check out the infographic below for ideas.

Infographic created by Sweep-All, a driveway sweeper provider