Photo books, the perfect present. #GiveAMemory

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Have you considered giving a photo book for Christmas but ruled it out as you’re not quite sure where to start? Photo books make a wonderful Christmas gift for friends or family, they can capture a special event, a special year or a lifetime of laughter spent together.

All Rights Reserved @goriami
All Rights Reserved @goriami

It’s so easy to take photos these days, everyone seems to snap images on their phone or capture special moments on their camera, but how often do we really access those images? Probably not as often as we did when they were printed and sat in the photo albums we all had back in the 90’s! A photo book is able to sit happily on a book shelf, but can travel with you wherever you go. The joy of photo books is you can put photos exactly where you want to, and even edit photos online before you add them!

I know we’ve done a huge amount as a family this last year, and I also know that as we rarely print any of our photos, many beautiful photos of our growing children don’t get seen by extended family. As I look through all the things we’ve done over the last year, images which I’ve captured and saved, I’m amazed at the beautiful photos, but sad that most have just been forgotten! Those special moments – splashing in puddles, falling in the mud, eating ice cream on the beach..little precious moments of childhood.

My top tips to help you make the perfect photo book, are:

Choose a theme! Whether it’s family fun, The last 10 years, Holiday to Disney, or Fabulous Friends, a theme will make drawing the images you want to use easier.

Only use images which are in focus! This might sound obvious, but it really does make a huge difference to the quality of the image in print.

Select the size of book carefully! Would Granny prefer a book she could pop into her handbag to show her friends? Or would she like big images and a book to keep on the coffee table!

To help you make your ideal photo book TruPrint have produced an easy to follow guide to making your perfect photo book!


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