Araagghhh!! Pass me the chocolate!!

Last week, I arrived home fairly excited and with a bounce in my step. I’d done it, I’d lost 1 & 1/2 stone and therefore was the lightest I have been since giving birth to Boo (who is now 3..)although still with a long weigh (see what i did there?!) to go! Suddenly I felt driven, seeing myself achieve that in a fairly short space of time, I really could see the end of the tunnel!

Of course, typical, this has been a stupidly stressful week. I’ve started to do some freelance work, and we’ve all been poorly amongst other things. Then the final straw, today I drove to the local shop (a few miles away) and I literally couldn’t park anywhere, so, I drove around and then tried again. Still unsuccessful in finding a space after 15minutes of wasted time driving around the village, I drove in frustration to the big supermarket in town. I dislike going there, especially on my own, as all the bad food seems to end up in my trolley.

I avoided the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I avoided the wine, then I reached the sweets aisle..My hand lingered on Thornton’s toffee, I could just imagine how creamy and sweet it would be, then I remembered my tooth is still broken from the incident earlier in the week involving scan bran – which by the way does taste exactly like cardboard. I scanned the aisle and took it all in, toblerone, jelly beans, galaxy, kinder eggs, GALAXY..i saw it the second time and some how it made its way into my basket and to cut a long story short, I am sat chomping on it.

It’s not that bad is it? I hear you cry! Well, what I’ve not told you yet is that it is actually two bars of galaxy.. so 300g of pure chocolaty yummy badness. I’m trying not to look at just how many calories it is, but I know it is probably more than a days worth!!

So, I’m feeling grumpy, and a bit sick, and tomorrow when I get weighed and have gained about 4 stone, I will have a cry, remind myself what a rubbish week I’ve had, and hopefully re-focus.


  • brinkofbedlam

    Firstly congrats on losing the weight!! Secondly don’t beat yourself up about a bit of a slip. Next time you’ll be stronger, something like that. I know exactly how you feel. I adore sweets & cakes and although I try not to eat them, I binge terribly when I do though. Absolutely nothing fixes a bad day better than a bar of chocolate, I’m afraid I’m hopeless, lol! You on the other hand sound determined. Refocus and you’ll be back on track! x