Milkshake Gold! Dvd Review & GIVEAWAY!!

With the weather turning grey and miserable, my thoughts turn to entertaining the boys on days when it is too cold and wet to venture outside. We’ve all had a horrible cold, so you can imagine the delight and excitement on Boo’s face when a parcel turned up containing the New Milkshake Gold Dvd!

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Milkshake is a firm favourite in our house, we love the colourful combinations of such family favourites as Roary, Thomas and The Mr Men! The Dvd promises over 2hours of the best pre-school characters and as boredom busters go, this was superb! Boo particularly enjoyed the familiar faces of the Milkshake Presenters introducing the cartoons. I loved seeing ‘Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs’ and explain about Dinosaurs to Boo, although I realise my knowledge about them is distinctly lacking! There are also several ‘extras’ on the DVD, of which Boo’s favourite was the ‘Roary Rev Up’ – he loves cars so this was inevitable!

We’re planning a trip abroad towards the end of the year, and the Milkshake Gold Dvd will definitely be coming with us as a familiar treat to watch while we’re away! There is so much variety that it will keep everyone entertained (I almost feel I should insert the photo of Mr G watching the Dvd avidly while off work poorly but I had best not!)

The DVD features: Little Princess, Roary The Racing Car, Bert & Ernie, Fifi and the Flowertots, Mio Mao, Mr Men, Igam Ogam, Castle Farm, Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Hana’s Helpline, Bananas in Pyjamas, The Adventures of Bottletop Bill, Olivia, Thomas & Friends.


Abbey Home Media have kindly offered to giveaway 5 copies of the DVD to readers of the blog!

To enter:

Follow the blog via GFC and leave a comment below telling us which is your child’s favourite Milkshake Cartoon Character and why?

Please remember to leave either your twitter ID or an email so I can contact you if you win!

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Winners selected using random.org were: Phyllgerry , Kasza, Firsttimemum, Rachdreaming, Mamapook

Please email me with your details so I can pass them onto Abbey Home Media and get your prize to each of you!

The competition closes at 9am on the 26th September 2011, the winner will be selected at random.
There are a total of 5 prizes to be won.
I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that the original winners do not  reply within 72hours.
Only one entry per person.
Only one prize per household!
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  • missielizzie

    Great review!

    My daughter’s only fairly recently discovered Milkshake, but watches it most mornings now.

    Her favourite’s are Thomas the Tank (obviously!) and Peppa Pig.

    I’m sure I’m following you on GFC, but the widget seems to have dissapeared. @missielizzieb

  • mummy24

    i follow with gfc, my sons favourite is thomas the tank – he loves trains and loves the song, my daughters favourite is little princess, she loves her naughtiness!


  • Caroline French

    Following on GFC
    My little boy loves Thomas & Friends and Elmo and my little girl loves Peppa Pig! fortunately they are only 17mths apart so don’t argue over what to watch lol! x

  • Caroline French

    Forgot to say why! He has a tickle me Elmo so his face lights up when he sees him on the telly and we recently went to Peppa Pig world and they both loved it! My daughter loves the piggy noises! I force them to watch Thomas as i love it so much but im sure they agree!

  • Karen Carpenter

    following you on Twitter @karen1carpenter

    My daughter is nearly 3 and she loves a whole bunch of milkshake characters, but I’m afraid to say that she does seem to have a bit of a crush on Norman from Fireman Sam at the moment…

    Great review and giveaway thanks x

  • kasza

    Thomas the Tank every time. I think my love and enthusiasm has rubbed off, we have books from yonks ago that are dogeared but well loved. Such a treat when we watch TTT on Tv

  • rachdreaming

    My two year old son loves Peppa Pig. He will not watch anything else! It is so cute, because he sounds so much like George. He says Dinosaur in exactly the same way “dine-saw.”

    The other day he was pretending to be a worm singin ‘I’m a wrigglry worm’ because he’d seen it on Peppa Pig, it was the cutest thing!

    I follow on GFC and am at @rachdreaming

    Thankyou for the lovely giveaway! =) x

  • caroline ohare

    My kids love them all but they love igam ogam the most they love the music, rolly and even triple tog. I always get peace when its on i follow you on twitter and gfc @3andabump awalla walla walla xxx

  • hannahmdy

    My baby’s fave character is Peppa Pig! I know it’s primarily a girls cartoon but my little baby son just LOVEs her! He has Peppa Pig bowls and cutlery and a huge cuddly Peppa pig that’s bigger than him!! It’s so cute to see him turn his head when he hears the theme music! Bless him!

    I already follow your fab blog via GfC 🙂

  • Mrs Goriami

    Adding this entry received via email as blogger won’t let anyone comment at the moment:

    My 3.5 yo son’s fave character is Roary (the racing car… yeah, that tune that stays in your head all day long!!)
    I follow you via GFC

  • phyllgerry

    Following you via GFC, Our Granddaughter loves Elmo, she just pays attention to everything he does and she loves Dorothy the goldfish.


  • @luckyduck

    hi, following your blog on GFC 🙂 My 4yo daughter loves little princess. loves the stories and Gilbert! She also loves getting the books from the library.
    I quite like the show aswell, little princess is a funny wee character! lol.


    thanks! x

  • nikkin0083

    I already follow u on gfc – My son loves Fifi, just loves the song so much and if he’s tired by the time the song has finished, he’s fast asleep (quite handy for me lol) @NakkiNoo83

  • mamapook

    following on gfc as nicola jenkinson (even though im nikki reynolds now hehe)
    Lexi loves peppa pig, she calls her little brother george (even though he is actually called logan) its very cute actually! The hubby doesnt like being called daddy pig though!!
    Logan loves Thomas just like most lil boys

    fingers crossed @pooklexiandbump