Pregnancy & Parenting

A weekend to (not) remember..

I had an ectopic pregnancy, there I’ve said it. I have started to write this post about seven times this morning, but in honesty it’s all a bit raw in my mind to write any kind of coherent post. On Friday night I was taken into hospital for emergency surgery, when I should have been laughing and chatting to my friends at Britmums Live. On Saturday when I should have been learning new things about how to blog, I was recovering from surgery and drifting in and out of sleep.
I’m thankful it was caught in time, by the time they operated I was bleeding internally, things could have ended in an unthinkable way. I am thankful that  I’ve had the chance to correct all those things I lay thinking about just before I was taken to theatre, all those regrets of things I hadn’t done or said. It is early days, my tummy still hurts when I move or sit up, and I’m so tired that I find myself fighting the urge to sleep all afternoon. My stitches are a gentle reminder of how precious life is and how I have begun to take it for granted, there isn’t always a tomorrow – grab those chances now. 

When things have settled down and are clearer in my mind I will write about my experiences over the last few days, until then…

Ms G x