Goriami Dinner Party Menu!

There is something lovely about having a dinner party, apart from anything else you know that you can chat with friends into the early hours without fear of the restuarant trying to close! Taylor Wimpey have been running a Come Dine With me style contest (http://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/Blog/2013/April/dinner-party-competition.html) where bloggers get the opportunity to create their ideal menu if they were hosts! I’ve opted for a menu where I can do most of the preparation before my guests arrive and here it is:

Taylor Wimpey Come Dine Menu


White Crab meat with prawn on a bed of lettuce served with a side salad of tomato, cucumber and sun dried tomatoes dressed with a little sweet chilli sauce.

Main Course

Rack of Lamb (sourced from Laverstoke Organic Farm) served with mustard mash, honey glazed parsnips and poached celery. 


Crepes with orange juice, caster sugar and Grande Marnier.

Fresh coffee.


 Côtes du Rhône Rouge Guigal.

Bottle Green Elderflower cordial served with still or sparkling mineral water.

This post forms my entry into the Taylor Wimpey Competition.