5 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

I always really feel the cold, and I used to dread the changing seasons and onset of winter! Until, I started to prepare for the cold. These are my 5 simple ways to keep warm this winter.

Layer up

Rather than wearing a big thick jumper or coat, opt for layers. Layers have many benefits, when you get warm you can easily take one off! But also, if you carefully choose the right layers – i.e. breathable fabrics – you will find you don’t find yourself sweating profusely! Even under smart work wear you can invest in thermals – especially light weight silk thermal options.

Don’t forget to layer up your bed too! Sling on the winter duvet, and add a thermal sheet or blanket on top of your mattress.

Warming Recipes

This is my favourite tip for keep warm in winter! A stew or soup is a cheap option to eat, but also provides a quick way to warm up on a cold day. Things like casseroles which cook in the oven for a long time on a low heat also work well as they warm the kitchen while they cook! I confess, we cook a lot more in winter – so that we get the extra heat from the oven!



A dehumidifier is on my must buy list, we don’t have one but we really need one! A friend has noticed a big increase in the air temperature of their rooms since installing dehumidifiers. Of course they have also noticed less damp!


Growing up I remember the curtains being changed seasonally. In Winter we would have thick velvet style curtains and in summer light weight cotton ones, it seemed very extravagant. Now though, I realise it was a great way of ensuring the heat stayed in with those heavy curtains trapping the heat in – and cold out! If you don’t want to alter your curtains, ensure they fit the window properly, and have good lining.

Deal with draughts

It’s amazing how much heat can get lost through gaps in the door! In winter I shut the bathroom and sitting room doors all day – as they seem to drag lots of heat into them! We have fitted draught excluders to the the bottom of doors we can, and those we can’t? Well, they have a curtain over them and a draught excluding sausage dog! This way when the heating is on I know I’m doing my best to keep the house cosy with the heat trapped inside!

Do you have any clever ways to keep cosy this winter?