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Creating an open brick look easily.

When you walk into a room, a feature draws your eye to it and is essentially the central focus of the room. Sometimes you may have an existing feature, such as a fireplace. Or, you may have created one by painting a wall or with a bold statement piece of furniture. Either way, it is a great point to start with when you’re looking to create the perfect space. 

Open Brick Walls

One of the trends I have loved for a long time, is open brick. I love the idea of having an open brick feature wall in our kitchen. Open brick walls can be very modern look – working well with industrial looks. They can also give a more rustic feel to a room. The rustic theme is what I am aiming for in our kitchen! Something simple, but effective.

To create an open brick wall I had always thought would be a very difficult process, and I worried that it would be impossibly hard. But, I’ve recently discovered Brick Slips. These have the effect of a traditional open brick wall, but are much lighter and slimmer than a traditional brick. Apparently as they are made from concrete they are heat resistant, so would work in the kitchen.

Brick Slips are applied using an adhesive, and then grout is used to fill the gaps. It’s a job I feel we could probably manage to do ourselves with a weekend to carefully focus on what we’re doing! It doesn’t sound any harder than tiling! There are a choice of brick colours available, so you can choose the perfect brick colour to suit your space. Would you have an open brick wall feature in your home?


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