5 Ways to Beat The Monday Blues.

So you’ve had a great weekend, and then Monday comes along. Back to the school run, back to work. Monday brings the stresses of a new week, and all the stuff left over from last week too! So I’m sharing my 5 favourite ways to handle the Monday Blues!

Make a List

This sounds so obvious, but having a clear list of tasks needing doing really keeps me on track! Whatever my plans, I find I’m lots more productive if I have a to do list to work with. I put everything on the list, including school runs. This means I tick off something before the day really begins and put myself into a positive mind set!

Check your diary

Anything exciting happening on your Monday afternoon? I try to make plans to have coffee with a friend on Mondays. It’s a great distraction, and it almost makes Monday a part of my weekend!

Monday is a good day…

Starting the day with a positive attitude helps me bound through Monday. I try to imagine what great things are ahead, what potential opportunities may present themselves! So, instead of worrying about the things I can’t change, I try to be positive about the good things which might happen!

Get Moving

Make Monday a day when you walk to work or school. Take your lunch outside, or sit out on your doorstep with your coffee. There’s been research which says getting out in nature is good for you. Well getting out for a walk in nature may not be practical on a Monday, but taking the children to the park after school might be a great way to burn off their energy and give myself a dose of fresh air!

Monday Music

Create a playlist of all your favourite songs, the ones which make you feel as though you can do anything! A Monday playlist will make your day great, play it at every opportunity! Not a big fan of music on a Monday morning? Look for an amusing podcast. I have to have music as I can’t concentrate on podcasts while I’m dashing around on a Monday! But my playlist keeps my mood high, and makes me laugh – as honestly it is the most ridiculous mix ever! But it’s my way of making it through Monday with a smile on my face!