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34 Weeks Pregnant.. Hot weather…

I have been over joyed at having a week of doing practically nothing! Mr G has had holiday, so this has meant he has taken responsibility for the school runs, tea making, washing..well everything actually! I’m a very lucky lady!

This week of relaxation does mean however, that next week is already filling me with dread.. I’ve got used to only getting up in time to make the lunch box and none of the daily struggle to get both boys dressed! It’s been a very warm week, and I have to confess everyone has asked “OH dear, are you finding it terribly hot?” my reply has been honest, “No, not really, though I find it warm at night!”. Day time heat doesn’t seem to bother me at the moment, but the warm nights combined with the usual aches and pains of being 34 weeks pregnant means an unsettled night. I have discovered a new love for ice-cubes. I have been eating them as they are or piling them into a drink or best still… crushed up in my ice-crusher and served with a straw and some fizzy drink.. I’m such a child..does anyone want to deliver me a slush puppy? That’d go down a treat!

I’ve been wearing dresses all week, which has been fun and has definitely assisted in my keeping cool! I managed to pick up a wonderful Fatface dress from a charity shop in a bigger size than I normally wear, but this means it fits over the bump beautifully – sorry about the image it’s the best selfie I could take!

Bump at 34weeks + (it's a BIG bump)
Bump at 34weeks + (it’s a BIG bump)

I’ve started to panic that baby won’t have enough clothes for her arrival, so I think next week I need to do some serious thinking about how many outfits a newborn realistically needs.. On one hand they grow so fast, on the other..a poo explosion can require a full clothing change! How many outfits did your newborn have? (Or will your newborn have if you’re expecting!) Are you going for a mixture of rompers/sleepsuits and outfits or just the rompers/sleepsuits?




  • Molly

    I love that dress – what a fantastic find! I’m still keeping my head firmly in the sand regarding clothes, hospital bags and the baby’s nursery. We are nowhere near ready yet but I know the due date is probably going to hurtle around very quickly! I’m planning on re-using all the newborn vests and baby-grows we had for Frog 4 years ago. Lots of them didn’t even get any wear in the end. Most of the newborn bits are gender-neutral as we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. It does, however, mean that if this baby is a boy we will have to do some speedy shopping for larger clothes sizes or put him in dresses! x

  • Emily

    This sounds so much like me, i too love ice and am munching on it daily, much to the amusement of my toddler! The heat isn’t bothering me too much either, a wet cold flannel at night helps and at least swollen feet can be helped in my Birkenstocks.
    As for newborn clothes I’ve been given tons, plus I’m thinking if its warm baby will be happy just in vests! Didn’t stop me wandering around mothercare sale today, marvelling at the cute dresses…i had a boy last time.

  • Jennie

    Your bump is beautiful x I am also living in dresses now as I do not like to feel anything round bump x My almost 36 week bump is a BIG bump x Today I went shopping for the first time and bought some rompers and vests and sleepsuits x My bags are packed x I cannot wait to meet Rainbow Baby and all our babies so so soon x

  • Carie

    Oh dresses are just wonderful aren’t they – and yours looks gorgeous; it’s a lovely bump! As far as baby outfits go I think we have six or seven vest and babygro combinations before Kitty arrived and then we were overwhelmed with a giant wave of pink (first grandchild and great grandchild all round!) so as long as the Little Bump doesn’t mind wearing a bit of pink we’re going to be fine for laundry for a while!

  • Gill Crawshaw

    A week of doing nothing sounds LOVELY! I’m not finding the heat too bad either, but then I am a bit behind you. We actually borrowed all our tiny baby clothes from my friend who is due at the same time as me this time so we’ll have to get new ones. I remember buying lots of 0-3 month clothes thinking it would be practical, then we ended up with a tiny baby who needed small clothes. No idea how many to buy though (my friend had hundreds!) Let me know how you get on x