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3 Tips for the morning school run!

Collaborative post.

The morning school run is not my favourite time of day. Getting everyone ready, with all their stuff safely to school on time feels like a military operation. Then add in the negotiations required to get the children to sit nicely and not argue in the car, my diplomacy skills are exceptional! But, it can be exhausting!

I thought I’d share my 3 Top tips for the morning school run – Or 4 tips if you include always start the day with a good cup of coffee!

Get ready First

This one was a piece of advice given to me by my amazing Health Visitor. It works. Before you attempt to dress your children, dress yourself. This sounded mad, but since I’ve started doing it I’ve actually managed to go out looking a little bit less like Wurzel Gummage. (No offence Wurzel).

You could even put your make up on while they eat breakfast! If you wear make up that is.. (I prefer -ahem- to use that time as my racing around gathering the odd socks time..) Remember, if you have a young baby it can go out in the sleepsuit or pyjamas it was in last night – just a nappy change and they’re ready to go!

Set the time you will leave

Ok this sounds obvious, but my children know what time we will be in the car each morning. It’s actually about 10 minutes earlier than we need to be. The reason we have a set time, is it allows for those days when we get in the car and they realise they have forgotten something. You see, we get in the car and do a check of what we have with us. It goes like this; “It’s Monday so, PE kit? LunchBox? School Bag? Water Bottle? Coat?”  But never, EVER, admit you have planned those 10 minutes extra. When you get to school early, use the time for reading practise or general school admin. None to do? Great, you can chill for 10 minutes at the school gates! And if you’re using a carpool? Even more reason to be early – no worrying that you might miss it! 

Stick with the plan.

Every day there is a list stuck by the door, I change it when we get home from school each day. It tells the children who needs what for the following day. It shows their name, and what items they need. I encourage them to check it before bed to save time in the morning. They rarely do, but they are getting better at gathering everything themselves each morning.

I’m teaching them to be a little independent, which is a good thing. Of course, I still have to pop home to collect forgotten instruments or PE kits. But, they are getting better at remembering!

Do you have any tips to keep things easy on the school run?