3 New Hobbies to Try in 2016!

If you’re keen to kick off next year in style by getting stuck into new and interesting hobbies, keep reading. Here are three pastimes that may help you keep boredom at bay in 2016.

1) Pick up a musical instrument
Learning to play a musical instrument can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and if you stick with it, you could impress your friends and family with your newfound talent. Focussing on playing music could give you the perfect opportunity to relax and forget life’s stresses too, and it’s even been suggested that developing these skills can make you brainier. Research conducted by a team from the University of Zurich and published in the Faculty of 1000 Biology Reports found that regularly playing an instrument can alter the shape of the brain and can increase IQ levels by seven points in both kids and adults. You don’t have to spend much money on this pastime either. It’s now easy to find impressive deals on instruments online. For example, some online violin shops offer low-cost starter sets complete with violins, bows and cases.

2) Get snap happy with photography
You don’t have to have an in-depth knowledge of cameras now to take great shots, so why not give photography a go? There are a wide variety of digital cameras available and many of them are inexpensive and simple to use. All you have to do is point and press, and then enjoy the results. Photography can give you a new perspective on the world around you and encourage you to do more sightseeing. Whether you’re visiting somewhere new or simply taking a walk around your own town, you’ll find plenty of photo opportunities. Also, if you’d like to hone your skills behind the lens, you could sign up to a course for beginners.

3) Start a blog
Blogging is big news these days and everyone seems to be giving this hobby a go. If you’ve got a passion or interest that you want to write about, or you’d just like to record your thoughts about life in general, now could be the time to get in on the action and start your own blog. If you don’t want to take the step of revealing your experiences with others, treat this as a diary and keep it private. The key to creating a worthwhile blog is to add to it regularly, so try to create entries at least once or twice a week. Once you get into the habit of writing, it should come naturally and easily.

Whether you choose one of these hobbies or you go for something completely different, developing a new interest could enrich your life and make you feel happier and more fulfilled.


This is a collaborative guest post.