School mornings and a baby..

11 weeks with baby Yo, and I feel as though I really ought be back in the swing of things but in fact I’m still flaying around in the reality. School runs are a daily battle, thankfully I have a 6yr old who is incredibly keen to get to school and very patient with me as I struggle to remember where I left my shoes, the car keys and my purse! I did feel terrible yesterday for not having noticed that he was yet again in odd socks, and when I gasped he replied “It’s ok, they’re dark socks and that’s ok for school uniform..”

I felt rather smug that we managed to make sure home work was handed in on time, though confess this only happened as I literally scheduled it into my diary. If only I could schedule everything especially in the mornings.. just imagine..



6am Change nappy, change baby clothes into gorgeous outfit which co-ordinates with my own.

6.10am Feed baby, whilst reading emails (see I am multi-tasking here – go  me)

6.30 Boys wake up in happy mood and play quiet game.

6.40 Baby finishes feeding and happily lays on baby gym while I prepare gourmet breakfast for family.

7am Eat breakfast as a family and wash up afterwards.

7.30am Get washed and dressed, apply make up and do hair.

7.45am Get children dressed.

8.15am Set off to school without a rush, arrive in time to have a ‘chortle’ (love that word!) with yummy mummy parents.

9am return home from school run, make tea – drink tea while hot..

And so on..


The reality however is more like this;


Monday..(I think?!)

6am Have just fallen asleep after restless night with baby. Hear voice of 6yr old asking if he can use my dressing gown while watching tv..when I don’t respond he asks in a much louder tone..until I grunt in agreement.

6.10 3 yr old comes charging in, peers into snuzpod at sleeping baby and then proceeds to poke my leg until I respond to tell him that ‘no, baby still does not want you to sit in her bed with her..’

6.11 Bleary eyed I stagger into sitting room, break up arguement on who would win in a space battle (Scooby Doo v. Mickey Mouse..)

6.15 Attempt to make tea

6.16 first cup of tea is disaster – forgot to boil kettle..

6.20 sat down with cup of tea, baby starts crying, huge nappy disaster requiring entire change of clothes (hers and mine)

6.30 sit down for second attempt to drink tea to discover it has lego men floating in it..attempts to rescue lego men with spoon successful.

6.35 realise have not fed children yet, no milk left after tea, attempt to convince them to have toast, argue about what will go on the toast, agree no toast, sandwiches instead.

7am Baby is hungry *again* Sit down to feed her while attempting to remove jam from hair of 3 yr old

7.30am Start to get the boys ready, 6yr old cannot find socks, suggest he wears yellow ones – same colour as school emblem? Receive disapproving look from him and have to root around in ariring cupboard to locate pairs I washed at the weekend. Then chase 3 yr old around pleading for him to consider wearing trousers, he doesn’t want those ones, he wants the *other* ones..attempt to negotiate..efforts to negotiate fail, resort to pleading, finally agreement. Then process begins again with footwear..

8am I am not dressed, how is it 8am? Consider school run in dressing gown, visualise myself using dressing gown as cape – Super Mum!!..maybe not?  Instead decide to fling on clothes, where are my clothes?! None fit?! Finally locate elasticated waist clothing and sling it on! Scrape back hair into ponytail and then attempt to locate keys..

8.15am Baby in car seat, children ready, minor car seat battle then we’re off.. get to school find last parking space *hooray!* realise that we have left school bag at home…


So, as you can see I am in need of organising myself a little better! Seriously though, we’re muddling along, we’ve yet to be late to school, we’ve remembered non-uniform day and are mostly in the right uniform the rest of the time..so all is well..

How do you manage the school run? Any top tips?! Do share! x