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Electric breast pump review – Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

I’ve been breastfeeding Yo for 12weeks now, and I’ve expressed quite frequently. There are lots of reasons to express breastmilk, to ease engorgement, increase supply or for bottle feeding when you’re on a night  out or perhaps back at work. For me, expressing milk initially has mostly been to increase supply, and ensure that Yo managed to get as much of the fatty milk from the end of the feed as possible. I started off by using a manual pump, and I found it quite hard work so switched to an electronic one where I had to set the speed and I confess I struggled to set it accurately, finding  it all rather uncomfortable. Tommee Tippee then sent me their Closer to Nature electric breast pump to try out.

Closer to Nature Breast Pump
Closer to Nature Breast Pump

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature electric breast pump arrives complete with everything you need to start expressing milk, even a handy box to microwave steriliser the pump and bottles in! To set the pump up was relatively easy, although I did forget to put one of the valves in at first and so there was no suction..whoops! I really like the fact the there are no electrics attached to the pump itself, instead the power supply is in a cool looking unit which works as a pump connecting an air tube to the bit which attaches to your breast – do make sure that tube is securely in place or the pump won’t work! The pump can also be powered by batteries, so is ideal for use on the go – or whilst on holiday (no worrying about 2 pin plug adapters!).

Power supply/pump unit for the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breast Pump
Power supply/pump unit for the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breast Pump


The breast pump suction cup which goes against your breast is very comfortable against your skin, made of a soft silicone there’s no skin pinching. There are 3 speed settings on the pump, and they recommend you start on the first setting which stimulates milk let down. On the first setting I initially felt it was very slow and not much was happening, but actually it worked really well to get the milk flowing, then I could change to the second setting with one easy click of the button, and the pump worked a little faster. Personally I have only used setting 3 once or twice, I find it a little too fast and it feels a little uncomfortable – but that’s me. How fast does it work? This is again in my experience quite personal, even between breasts the time to express differs, I found that I needed to allow about 30minutes to express properly.

My overall thoughts, I found the breast pump easy to use and comfortable too. I was initially a bit uncertain about the preset speeds, but I actually found that they worked really well, and made getting started using the pump much easier. My only negative comment is that I felt the lid of the pump where the air tube inserts was a little flimsy, though I did like the fact that this kept the part which sits on your breast very light weight, so I think that positive out weighs the negative comment!

It’s a great pump for any breastfeeding Mum, and I think it’s great value as it comes complete with a bottle, storage pots, breast pads and the sterilising tub, so it’s a single purchase giving you everything you need to get started.


Things to remember when expressing;

Ensure you are sat comfortably, with your back supported.

Have baby near by, or something which reminds you of baby.

Have a drink, snack, the phone, book or tv remote to hand.


It might feel a bit strange to begin with, like breast feeding it is something you have to learn and get used to!


Disclaimer: I received the Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump for the purposes of an honest review, all thoughts, images and opinions are my own.