Super Simple Halloween Gifts

This is a super simple craft which could be given to trick or treaters, in our case, these are going to be gifted to Boo’s classmates! 

What you will need:


Orange Tissue Paper
Green Tissue Paper

Coloured paper to write your greeting on

Black Pen

Sticky Tape

Grab some tissue paper and a lolly, roll the lolly in the tissue and secure it with a small piece of tape. Then draw on your “face”, pumpkins are nice and easy for children to draw!

 We added a pumpkin stalk by sticking on another piece of tissue paper;

Super simple! We also have had a go at a witch, just make sure you leave a pointy bit on the tissue paper, then colour it in to make the witches hat. 
We’re going to add spooky messages for Boo’s friends – I might have to help with that bit, but the lollies he can do himself!

 For younger friends I’ve made some recycled crayons, using a silicone ghost mould I bought last year and the old broken crayons from our colouring box!

I’m quite pleased with how they’ve turned out! Are you going to be crafting for Halloween?