The Octonauts – Jigsaw Puzzle by Ravensburger – Review

Something about the Octonauts has captivated Boo since the launched onto our tv screen last year, so we were delighted to get the opportunity to review such a fantastic box of puzzles!

The puzzles are suitable for age 4+, Boo is 3 but quite able with jigsaws. He was a bit worried initially as all the bits for the 3 puzzles come mixed up in one bag, and he sat trying to make them into one big puzzle. I then pointed out that the back of the puzzles had different patterns on, so you could see which bits went with which puzzle..

Boo found the first two puzzles with less pieces fairly straight forward, but the last puzzle where the pieces were smaller (the ones with stripes on the back!) and there are more pieces, he finds quite hard and requires quite alot of help with it. I actually quite like the fact it is a bit hard for him, it means he builds two quietly alone and then I am involved with the last one, eventually he’ll be able to do that one too. There is some room for growth with this puzzle, and it isn’t too simplistic. 

The Ravensburger Octonauts puzzles are available now from all good stockists.