I’m the King of the Castle!!

Last week we took a family trip to Porchester Castle, it was on of those places we have seen in the distance so many times on our journeys that it seemed appropriate we should take a closer look. Boo was surprisingly interested, especially when we started to explain canons and Knights to him..he very much liked the idea of defending his castle.

So, this weeks Magpie Monday is appropriately a castle:

I was carrying Elvis when we purchased it and so Boo and I had to struggle to carry the castle back to the car between us, it was surprisingly awkward and heavy! Elvis isn’t the best at being carried (he won’t hold on!) and sadly I dropped the bits I was carrying and smashed the turret. But nothing a bit of Grandad maintenance won’t fix I’m sure! The castle was a total bargain at £2.50!

I also by chance came across another Vintage Fisher Price toy (see previous #Magpie Monday posts!), to add to our little collection:

The toolkit is complete, the drill no longer works (it used to be wound up and then ‘go’) but I like the fact it has been played with, and yet is still in otherwise great condition. I paid 20p a total bargain, Boo plays with it so carefully and I’m delighted as when he’s bored of it, it’ll look fab on display – yes, seriously!

Me and My Shadow