Good Luck First Time Mum!

I’ve known FirstTimeMum1 since University, we have shared each others ups and downs and even though we have often gone months or even the odd year without seeing each other, I still would class her to be one of my most precious friends. 

She’s the sort of friend who held the tissues for me many a time when I cried with a broken heart, who defended me when I needed it, and kept safe all those embarrassing secrets for all these years. From tomorrow another chapter starts in our friendship, no longer will I be boring her with stories of baby poo, she’ll be joining in!

FirstTimeMum1 is being induced tomorrow and I wanted to wish her all the luck in the world, she’s the best friend a girl could have so I’m sure she’s going to be a magnificent Mummy!

My tips for your first few weeks are:

  • Make sure you eat little and often!
  • Grab Sleep when you can, Daddy will wake you up if he can’t cope!
  • Chocolate and a drink by the bed at night for night feeds are essential!

Any tips for FirstTimeMum would be welcome, I’m sure she’ll love to read them!