Men’s Travel fashion

Collaborative Post

Whether you are planning a short weekend break or a long summer getaway have you considered your travel fashion? What you wearing while travelling can make all the difference to your journey. Comfy clothes mean you can relax during your journey, especially if you are flying. Even a relatively short flight, involves time waiting at the airport where you want to look and feel great.

Night flight, what to wear?

The first thing to consider when choosing your travel fashion, is what time you are travelling. If you are getting an overnight flight you will undoubtedly want to wear really soft, comfy clothes. Enabling you to really relax and hopefully get some sleep on your flight!

Consider investing in lounge wear. Smart tracksuit bottoms and a hoody are comfortable to wear and easy to accessorise. Remember to keep your feet comfortable too with some mens wide fitting shoes. The right pair of shoes for travelling in, should be comfortable and versatile so you can wear them during your stay too!

Day time flying – what to wear!

Day time flying, still requires comfort but you may want to wear clothes which are slightly smarter than just lounge wear. Wearing a holiday outfit means one less thing to pack, and when you arrive you are ready to explore!

Check the weather for your destination and make sure to wear appropriate clothing for when you arrive – especially if you are travelling to a hot climate! I’d suggest avoiding wearing shorts, and instead look for trousers which are comfortable and teaming them with layered tops.

A short sleeved shirt and light weight jumper, will give you a smart appearance even when teamed with jeans, and a pair of moccasins – these are the most versatile shoes in my opinion! For a more casual look, a tee and a hoody combination allow you to be warm while you are flying but cool on arrival in a hot climate too. Oh and don’t forget to pack a pair of sliders, and a pair of shoes to go sight seeing in during your holiday!