Breastfeeding Early Days – The essentials..


Perhaps I am unlucky, or perhaps I am a little more candid than others when I write about breastfeeding in the early days. My experience of the early days of breastfeeding is that it is tough. Forgetting that you are exhausted from having given birth, you are experiencing after birth pains and you may have stitches, breastfeeding brings with it a whole new bundle of problems.Firstly, you go through the stage of feeling like a prize cow, all the healthcare professionals suddenly want to see your baby feeding with little to no respect for the fact that feel like you’re on parade in the county show main ring with little hope of winning the blue ribbon.



If you’re lucky baby sucks enthusiastically, but then you get the pain (yes PAIN) of sore nipples, and more scrutiny from the “professionals” on whether baby is latched correctly, oh and lots of mothers suddenly start telling you that “you’re doing it wrong..it doesn’t hurt..” Cough, sometimes it does hurt, actually it hurt with my last child initially too.. and there is nothing wrong with my latch it has been checked and baby has been checked for tongue tie.. I just have sensitive boobs – thanks anyway. BUT, if you’re sat here nodding (and probably crying to..) you’re not alone, it can get better and here’s my little pinterest list of things which helped me stick at it.. (we’re on day 11 now and the pain of feeding has gone – huzzah!)  and I’ll continue to add to the list each time I find helpful!
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